Auto Insurance in Long Beach, Seal Beach, CA

Auto insurance coverages and options


Driving a car has many risks and any one of them can cost you a substantial amount of money. Auto insurance has your back when the wheels come off. Cowan Insurance can help you with the right car insurance policy. In Buena Park CA, Cerritos CA, Long Beach CA or Seal Beach CA. The first thing to know about auto insurance is that you must carry a specified amount of liability cover – by law. However, liability cover is only on component of auto insurance. Liability cover is a type of 3rd party insurance that only covers losses suffered by others.


If you are involved in a road accident you could sustain injuries and serious car damage. Liability insurance does not cover your own losses. It is important that your liability to others is mitigated or covered, but you should also consider your own damages and medical expenses. To cover damages to you own vehicle you need collision insurance. This is second important component of auto insurance.


Now that might just be all the car insurance you want or will ever need. But there are other risks and threats that can also result in substantial damage and financial losses. Your own medical bills pursuant to a car crash can be financially crippling. You need to consider if any health insurance you have will cover for medical bills pursuant to a car accident. One option is personal injury protection plan.


Of course, you can add more bells and whistles to your auto insurance in the form of comprehensive and umbrella policies and you can extend your auto insurance to cover other vehicles you might own. There are many options when it comes to auto insurance and it is a good idea to get expert advice as to which options will be best for you.

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